(Disclaimer: This post is more on conceptual design tips rather than the straight-up practical, “here’s how you make a UI from step A to Z using such-and-such application.”)

This post began due to a request I got from a PM, but I thought that others might find it useful.

Due to sheer trial and error over four years, I’ve learned a couple things about user interface and experience—particularly for visual novels. (You would probably shudder to see the first GUIs I’ve tried to make. They’re awful.)

Wait… who made this atrocity?! Oh, right, me. (Assets belong to Lucid9 by Fallen Snow Studios.)

So! I thought I would share a few of the (hard-learned) lessons that I’ve gathered over the past 4 years of learning graphic design, so you don’t have to make the same terrible mistakes I did.

And look at where I am now! Marginally less incompetent. See, there’s hope for everyone:

Same color scheme, whole different look! Derpy minimalism went to normal minimalism. From my pre-coded Ren’Py UI kit, Fade.

If you’re interested in reading some practical, easy-to-follow tips and guidelines on UI design, read on!

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